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Public speaking by our Chef 

From the hallowed kitchens of Michelin-rated establishments to the regal decks of the Queen Mary 2, the Head chef of The Culitainment Group “Marc Rewinkel" traversed a universe where wine flowed like liquid poetry. As a sommelier aboard the grand vessel, they navigated the seas, guiding passengers through a sensory odyssey, unlocking the mysteries hidden within each bottle, unraveling the stories that echoed in every sip.

The stage became Marc's canvas, where passion met prose, and audiences are spellbound by the symphony of flavors that unfolded before them. With each spoken word, The Chef transportes listeners to sun-kissed vineyards, narrating tales of grapes ripened by the embrace of the sun and the alchemy that transformed them into nectar fit for gods.



Work flow

Create a concept

Trained Team

Great service and management by a friendly, well trained and motivated team will elevate the customer experience from good to great. We'll train your team and help them take over the reigns, ensuring the business is set for future success.

Operational Success

The heart of the operation is the kitchen - where chefs are busy chopping, mixing, blending, cooking, and plating up beautiful dishes. Good systems and processes ensure your guests can enjoy the experience of the restaurant, unaware of the hustle and bustle behind the scenes

Concept Development

Development of the food and drink proposition with full supply chain, costings, crockery and packaging range recommendations.


For specific events we can make tailor made concepts and menu’s 


Have a look at Oishii Bun one of the concepts The Culitainment Group created 

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