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A quick view what we do,

Deloitte event


A three day event for up to 500 partners of Deloitte , we set up a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and prepared a beautiful menu including amuses, oyster tasting and wine tasting with life music and of course a 4 course menu.  Kitchen Inc. created a culinary festival and even ended up serving breakfast.

Eicholtz event

Eichholtz design

At the amazing luxury grand showroom of Eichholtz our catering company Kitchen Inc. served a 12 day's special 6 course lunch menu's for the high end clients of this beautiful company. Another successful tailor-made project.

The CuliBag

During the Corona pandemie The Culiainment group created a 100% Corona proof event for company’s like Quooker (600 guest),Sunshower ( 140 guest) and other company’s Next to that we also created CuliBags for Kids. a unique way to have a cooking event alone together with life video’s of our Chef's.

The Location

Dinners at The Location

What is a caterer? It seems pretty simple and straightforward — catering is a culinary chef and their team preparing, cooking, and serving food, right? That’s true, but there is more to it. A whole lot more......have a look at our exclusive venue The Location in the city center of Amsterdam where we give you a pre taste up to 60 guest. 

The National Opera & Ballet

For the sponsors and commission of the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam Kitchen Inc. created a menu for  the premiere of “Der Zwerg” the famous story by Oscar Wilde and Opera by Alexander Zemlinsky . The complete menu was inspired  by this masterpiece, where the white rose and the taste of Spain together with spices from the orient played an important role in this tailor -made menu.