A quick view what we do,



A three day event for up to 500 partners of Deloitte , we set up a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and prepared a beautiful menu including amuses, oyster tasting and wine tasting with life music and of course a 4 course menu.  Kitchen Inc. created a culinary festival and even ended up serving breakfast.


Eichholtz design

At the amazing luxury grand showroom of Eichholtz our catering company Kitchen Inc. served a 12 day's special 6 course lunch menu's for the high end clients of this beautiful company. Another successful tailor-made project.

The CuliBag

During the Corona pandemie The Culiainment group created a 100% Corona proof event for company’s like Quooker (600 guest),Sunshower ( 140 guest) and other company’s Next to that we also created CuliBags for Kids. a unique way to have a cooking event alone together with life video’s of our Chef's.


Dinners at The Location

What is a caterer? It seems pretty simple and straightforward — catering is a culinary chef and their team preparing, cooking, and serving food, right? That’s true, but there is more to it. A whole lot more......have a look at our exclusive venue The Location in the city center of Amsterdam where we give you a pre taste up to 60 guest. 

The National Opera & Ballet

For the sponsors and commission of the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam Kitchen Inc. created a menu for  the premiere of “Der Zwerg” the famous story by Oscar Wilde and Opera by Alexander Zemlinsky . The complete menu was inspired  by this masterpiece, where the white rose and the taste of Spain together with spices from the orient played an important role in this tailor -made menu.


Groupmapping "our impact our legacy"

Another great event for Deloitte for 300 partners ”Our impact Our legacy"

With the purpose to "show case" our footprint and sustainability in food. The complete menu of Kitchen Inc. was inspired by big problems we have on earth, so a edible delicious "plastic soup" a "melting north cape" and "old bread.” All served with organic wines in a beautiful setting overlooking the North Sea.