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Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix the motor racing event held annually since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world. During this event we catered with our product the Oishii Bun and fresh oysters, Thai salmon, and beautiful Aberdeen Angus sirloins in Japanese style for Corner33 at start finish corner la Rascasse. We created with our Oishii Bun Pit Crew a culitainment for 300 people every day during this Formula 1 weekend. With clients like Forbes Magazine, lots of celebrities serving high end wines and enjoying the food of our Oishii Bun Pit Crew.

F1 Grand Prix Monaco


Roaring Twenties

For a International software company we went back to make a wonderful 140 persons , event way before the computer was invented , including food that was in fashion during the roaring twenties, at a old steam company location in the center of Amsterdam

Wine tasting & food pairing for ING Wealth 

For 50 clients of the ING wealth we did a successful 7 course wine food pairing event

Culitainment at its best from a beautiful Junmai Ginjo sake with Japanese beef to excellent Bordeaux with veal cheeks and truffle ending with dark chocolate with Pineau de charentes. In an elegant soirée hosted at the exclusive Herengracht location, As glasses clinked, where each sip and savory bite harmonized in an indulgent ballet of taste and refinement.

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